inclineHR’s impressive Expert Affiliate Partner (EAP) network enables us to seamlessly extend our reach to impact other strategic aspects of Human Resources. Our EAPs stand out in the business world and academia as tried and true experts.

Our experts include former Chief Human Resource Officers, college professors, keynote speakers, best-selling authors, and world-renowned key influencers.

We provide our clients the well vetted expert resources they need without the hassle of additional vendor approval, oversight, and negotiations.

inclineHR Services

Through our EAP network we are able to offer a wide range of HR services outside of our primary in-house offerings. These services include:

Capacity Modeling & Organizational Effectiveness

Oftentimes, organizational structures are built in a piecemeal, haphazard fashion without a lot of strategic thinking and data integration. This organic approach generally creates massive amounts of lost opportunity and inefficiency. Capacity modeling will help you determine the labor requirements of your organization. Once we understand your goals and the makeup of your organization, we can help you construct a strategic plan to integrate any optimized workforce planning changes. Capacity modeling is a key driver in achieving greater organizational output and related efficiencies.

Compensation and Benefits Analysis

Ensuring all employees, from senior executive to the front line, are compensated equitably is key to attracting and retaining your employee base. Our tailored compensation analysis services include: strategic pay philosophy and methodology decisioning, targeted studies to ensure market competitiveness across all aspects of compensation (salary, bonus, equity, and fringe benefits), as well as in-depth job studies, an assessment of executive compensation packages, and other value-added analysis and administration of your compensation plan.

Competency Modeling

Competency modeling helps organizations define the skills, knowledge, and soft skills required to perform a given job. Our team will work with you to clarify expectations for various roles within your organization, which has been proven to increase talent retention, talent development, and productivity.

Interim Executive HR Support

When key Human Resources talent leaves unexpectedly, it can be extremely difficult to fill the void. Our expert-level team can step in on an interim basis to provide confidential support while a suitable replacement is hired, trained, and onboarded.

Labor, Employee Relations, Negotiations, and Union Avoidance

Successful organizations are able to maintain strong and mutually beneficial relationships with their employees to promote a productive work environment. By ensuring fair treatment of your employees, you’ll maintain morale and minimize the risk of your employees seeking representation from third parties. Our team can help you establish a strong employee relations program that boosts engagement, minimizes the risk of unionization and allows you to achieve/exceed your organizational goals. We also offer deep expertise in labor relations negotiations, grievance handling, mediation, collective bargaining, and managing conflict within the workplace.

Organizational Health and Engagement Assessments

Getting quantifiable unbiased assessments of your organization’s health is crucial to growing and improving your business. We can provide you with tailored organizational health assessments for a number of key areas, including: communications, change management, employee development, team effectiveness, leadership, and more.


Outplacement services are designed to help individuals prepare for their re-entry into the workforce after a voluntary or involuntary departure. They may be retained by a former employer or by an individual who wants to accelerate and optimize their next career step. They are typically offered by employers of choice who want to help their displaced employees transition more effectively.

Our outplacement services include executive coaching, personal baseline assessments, critical job search profiling, quality resume support, preparation of compelling cover letters, mock interviews, offer negotiations, and more.

Quantitative Candidate and Talent Assessment

Talent assessment is critical when it comes to building a successful team. inclineHR is able to provide your organization with a variety of critical in-depth quantitative assessments that will help you predict the likelihood of success across any number of dimensions. Better hiring decisions mean better results for your company, plain and simple.

Candidate assessments are helpful for both internal and external candidates. Assessments can be tailored to measure potential, technical knowledge, leadership acumen, general mental ability, and natural preference. For external candidates, we can help you assess their potential organizational fit relative to any gaps on the team.

Strategic Talent Search and Placement

Finding the right talent and correctly integrating them in your organization is a critical part of building a successful organization. Our team can help you create more effective job ads, hiring criteria, and interview strategies to allow you to identify candidates who are the best fit for your team.

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