Build Your Organization from Within Through Leadership Assessment

One of the primary keys to any business’ success is to do a great job identifying and developing the right talent. Some employee movement is inevitable; after all, if you are developing coveted leaders yielding amazing results, why wouldn’t your competitors want to permanently borrow this talent? The truth is, employee movement doesn’t have to be an obstacle to your organization’s success. Businesses that build talent pipelines will find themselves more agile and ready for the unknowns in front of them.

There are great leaders within every organization, but for any multitude of reasons, they have gone on to be undiscovered. By investing in leadership assessment programs, organizations can identify those with leadership potential early on and begin preparing them for more senior positions within their company.

Businesses that look ahead and utilize leadership assessment strategies will significantly improve their odds of predicting their next generation of leaders within their organization.

How Does Leadership Assessment Work?

Leadership assessment is the process of analyzing current and future talent and assessing their ability to take on a leadership role. It starts with the talent selection and assessment process and continues as an employee grows within an organization.

Leadership assessment is a critical component in succession planning. Once potential leaders are identified, then they can be mentored, developed, and groomed for more senior positions. A critical part of leadership assessment is a general readiness determination of leaders to ensure that they are ready to fill a critical role when needed.

Benefits of Practicing Effective Leadership Assessment

Leadership assessment is an important part of a successful talent management strategy and provides businesses with a number of key benefits:

Identify Higher-Quality Candidates when Hiring

Businesses that practice leadership assessment during the hiring process aren’t interested in just filling a job with a qualified candidate, but rather filling a talent pipeline with high potential candidates for future roles.

Easily Expand Your Business

As your organization grows, your talent needs will also likely change. By practicing effective leadership assessment upfront, you will vastly improve the odds of already having the right skilled individuals within your employ, ready to take on those important positions when the time arises.

Retain Top Talent

When employees are identified and developed as future leaders, they tend to be more loyal to the business and less likely to seek developmental opportunities elsewhere. This makes it easier for you to build your team and reduce recruitment expenses.

Create a Plan for the Future

You can’t predict the future, but you can prepare for any number of different talent needs. By practicing good leadership assessment, you’ll be taking a proactive step in the right direction to ensure that your organization is ready for the future.

inclineHR Leadership Assessment Services

Our team of HR professionals knows how to implement effective leadership assessment strategies. We’ll help you analyze your business and identify the employees that have the potential to take on more responsibility and become future leaders in your company.

Our leadership assessment services include:

A Comprehensive Review of Your Talent PipelineOur experts will help you identify high potential talent that could fill succession plans and more complex roles within your organization.
Rigorous Quantitative and Qualitative Assessments of Internal TalentWe provide you with in-depth quantitative and qualitative assessments to determine a candidate’s potential for more senior leadership positions. Some techniques used to extract this data include: A review of work samples, general mental ability testing, behavioral testing, and structured behavioral interviews.
360-Feedback AssessmentTo help an employee determine their own leadership potential, you may choose to give the gift of one of the most comprehensive qualitative 360 assessments in the industry, the powerful inclineHR® 360.
Executive CoachingOnce leaders are identified within your organization, our team will tailor their coaching to help them reach their full potential. We’ll provide in-depth guidance, coaching, and feedback focused on improving leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and political acuity.

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