Find the Right Candidates with Talent Assessment

World class companies require exceptionally qualified talent, but moreover, talent that is the right fit for their organization. Without the right people in place to make critical decisions and deliver optimized results, an organization will never reach its full potential. By incorporating talent assessment into your larger talent management strategy, you’ll ensure that you are building a sustainable team.

Talent assessment studies show that 80% of organizational output is generated by the top 20% of a given employee group. This further supports the critical case for talent assessment that hiring the right talent can massively impact your overall organization’s bottom line. Moreover, talented players can increase the overall engagement level on a team, and set a new bar for what good looks like.

How Does Talent Assessment Work?

A world-class talent assessment program accurately assesses external candidates to ensure that they have the critical skills, abilities, and experiences needed for a role. It will also judge candidates’ suitability; assessing whether or not they are a good fit with the rest of the team and company culture. Talent assessment should also be done internally to identify exceptional individuals who have the potential to take on larger roles within the company.

When assessing an individual’s level of potential, experts focus on three main categories: ability, social skills, and drive. Candidates need to demonstrate the right level of knowledge and ability required to perform the job, but that is only one small portion of the equation. High-potential candidates must also be skilled collaborators that are willing to go above and beyond in order to achieve success.

In order to measure these traits, a number of qualitative and quantitative talent assessment techniques are used, including: review of work samples, general mental ability testing, behavioral testing, and structural behavioral interviews, to name a few.

Benefits of Talent Assessment

By practicing effective talent assessment you’ll be able to:

Reduce Expenses

Finding, onboarding, and training new employees is an expensive proposition. By leveraging the right talent assessment tools, you will be significantly more confident that you are making the right selection decision, every single time.

Identify the Right Candidates to Enhance Your Results

Studies show that high-performing individuals improve the performance of those around them by as much as 15%. This makes proper talent assessment critical for organizations that want to improve their output.

Reduce Staff Turnover

Replacing talent in key positions costs your organization time, money, and resources. By filling roles with the right individuals the first time, you’ll establish stable teams faster.

inclineHR’s Talent Assessment Services

inclineHR’s skilled talent assessment experts are passionate about helping organizations acquire and develop their teams. We’ll work with you to identify and then assess talent through both qualitative and quantitative lenses.

Our talent assessment services include:

Assessment of External CandidatesLet us partner with you to assess the right talent for your organization. Our team will assist you in developing focused and realistic job descriptions that attract the right candidates. We will create customized and structured interview processes to identify high potential performers. Additionally, we will provide you with tailored screening tools to measure the knowledge, skills, and abilities, preferences, and personalities of all candidates.
Identification and Assessment of Internal TalentIdentifying, assessing, and nurturing internal talent is key to building a successful team. Our experts will help you identify high potential talent that could fill succession plans and more complex roles within your organization.

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