Grow Your Team Through Employee Training and Organizational Development

Leading businesses know that building a world-class team involves identifying and hiring high-potential talent, while investing in employee training and organizational development programs to maintain, evolve, and nurture their human capital.

This earmarked investment of time and money can yield significant dividends when an organization’s most important asset, their people, are better prepared to handle the complex leadership and business challenges in front of them.

If your organization is serious about building and maintaining a high-performance team, investing in training and organizational development will be critical for your organization to reach its goals.

What’s Involved in Employee Training and Organizational Development?

While there are usually a plethora of areas to consider when making an employee training and organizational development investment, understanding any desired outcomes upfront will help clients and their partners pinpoint best areas to invest in to maximize their potential impact.

Effective training should be designed with an audience firmly in mind to ensure that any development planning dovetails with their baseline knowledge, skills, and abilities. Once specific areas are pinpointed for development, focused content creation and delivery preparations can get underway. While research and academic grounding are helpful contextually, most busy teams and executives benefit more from talking through and applying new learnings in real-world scenarios.

Organizational development is a systematic and calculated approach to improving and optimizing your business. It may include assessing employees within the organization, looking at ways to increase performance and efficiency, aligning employee behavior with company values, and conducting interventions to promote positive change.

What are the Benefits of Employee Training and Organizational Development?

Employee training and organizational development programs offer a wide range of benefits across all business areas. Some of these benefits include:

Improved Employee Morale and Engagement

An investment in training and development signifies to your team that you are committed to helping them advance in their career. This will lead to a more positive work environment and result in your staff being more engaged with your business.

Reduced Employee Turnover

The number one reason top talent leave organizations is to seek better opportunities elsewhere. By showing your staff that you’re committed to their development and willing to invest in them, they’ll be more likely to stay for the longer-term.

Better Organizational Performance

Organizational development spurs innovation and helps build fresh skills within your team. This often leads to increased organizational efficiency, improved performance, and a higher level of profitability.

inclineHR’s Employee Training and Organizational Development Services

Our HR professionals are passionate about providing world-class employee training and organizational development programs to leading organizations. We’ll work with you to help you access your team’s hidden potential and build a more profitable organization.

Our employee training and organizational development services include:

Qualitative People AssessmentsOur team will assess your staff and leadership team to identify their areas of strength and weakness. Our assessments include both a personal baseline assessment and a 360 feedback assessment.
Organizational Health and Engagement AssessmentsWe’ll assess your organizational health and level of employee engagement, before offering ranked recommendations on areas of improvement.
Capacity ModelingOur team will help you determine the labor requirements of your organization, allowing you to understand where to invest in staff and improve your organizational output.
InterventionsWe’ll help you to plan, develop, and implement effective change strategies to create positive traction in your organization.
Executive Coaching SessionsWe’ll work with select team members to identify critical areas of opportunity. We’ll then partner with them on a personalized action plan to help them pull through amazing results.

Training SessionsWe tailor all of our leadership training to your team’s unique requirements, providing them with memorable, real-world training that is fun, edgy, and relevant.

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