Our Company Solutions

Leading companies recognize that in order to accelerate their success, they need to continually invest in optimizing their performance to gain an edge on their competition. By utilizing the services of talented leadership development experts, you can identify your organization’s deficiencies and build a plan to overcome them, all while achieving a greater return on investment from your human capital.

inclineHR offers a variety of HR services for companies that are looking for solutions to help them achieve their goals.

Career AdviceOur career advisors specialize in helping executives find the career path best suited for their interests, skills, and abilities.
Change ManagementWe can guide you through critical transitions to help improve change acceleration, favorably impacting your results and project ROI.
CommunicationsWe’ll work with you to improve the targeted and overall effectiveness of your business communications.
Conflict ManagementOur experts can help you find productive solutions to contentious issues, allowing you to remove destructive conflict from your workplace.
Culture ManagementWe’ll partner with you to develop an even stronger culture while retaining what makes your organization truly unique and special.
Executive CoachingWe provide executive-level thought partnership, insights, and counsel to help your team achieve their goals and reach new heights.
Human Resource DevelopmentOur team can provide you with numerous strategies to further the skills, knowledge, and abilities of your employees.
Leadership AssessmentWe’ll help you identify the employees that have the greatest likelihood of becoming the future leaders of your company.
Meeting FacilitationOur meeting facilitation techniques ensure critical material discussions stay on topic and that everyone has an opportunity to contribute.
Other HR Focus AreasOur Expert Affiliate Partners are among best-in-class and provide strategic HR solutions for your unique, confidential needs.
Succession PlanningWe will help you establish a talent management strategy that will allow your business to evolve and prosper.
Talent AssessmentWe’ll work with you to assess talent through both qualitative and quantitative lenses.
Talent SelectionOur experts will help you select the right people for the right job, at the right time, with the goal of a seamless integration into your team.
Training and Organizational DevelopmentWe’ll work with your organization to help you build and maintain a high-performance organization through tailored training venues.
360 FeedbackWe’ll provide your team with comprehensive 360 feedback from a carefully chosen group of respondents to help them improve their overall behaviors and performance.